The Artist


Nilgul Kavur

"I am not driven by any art line,
  following more my feelings and senses.
It is all about reflecting myself."

"What I see and feel about things happening all around us simply amazes me.
  I feel like I am running after those mysteries of a life full of adventures."

Nilgul KAVUR is born in the city of Izmir, in Aegeas Turkey. The Artist has exhibited her arts all around the country throughout over 50 personal exhibitions. Further more she has also exhibited outside in North Cyprus, USA, Germany as well. She is the first turkish painting artist who has contributed a personal exhibition in the Dortmund, Germany at ADD. Many local and several international collectionaires are collecting her painting since over 20 years.

Artist has taken following courses between 1978 - 1985, in the period she has participated in joint exhibitions.

  • 1978-81 Charcoal Drawing, Oil Painting at "Izmir State Museum of Paintings & Sculptures"
  • 1981-82 Silk Desinging at "Vakko Art Gallery"
  • 1982-85 Charcoal Drawing, Oil Painting, Guage-Acrilic at "Seref Bigali Atelier"

Between 1985-2009 she has opened 55 personal exhibitions.

She follows the principals of her beloved master Mr Seref Bigali, who taught her the fine details of her art and supported her to continue working on.

Today is 21.10.2020 

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